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Democracy and freedom in Russia

Frequently European and American journalists charge Russian government for totalitarian regime. However there are more freedom in Russia than in the USA or the European Union. Let us see the cases.
Society sets up rules and citizens agree to conform them. Some people think that everyone is equal under the law, does not it smell communism? If we decide that people are different, here appeals a controversial question - how can society differs people to freedom areas? Russian answer is doing it by money and/or authority.

For example, you can drive and be drunk, the bribe will cost from $300 to $3000 in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Can you do it in the USA and do not be detained? Also you can drive on red sign, do not pass pedestrians and a lot of other things, all depends on your freedom.

Let us see what are writing usual Moscow citizens:
gas3t: opposing motion - $50,
+60 km/h - $30 in average,
drunk - start from $800, need to talk,

klaip 50$ for opposing motion, they initially asked $100 )))

The other opportunity is authority, what does it mean? You can be drunk and drive with speed 170 km/h in a city center while there is limit in 60 km/h, if you have a document of FSB department (similar to FBI/CIA) or of public prosecution. What is happen when the road police stop your car? You just answer: "I am investigating secret task and it is not your business!", show the document and resume driving.

Why there are more freedom? Merely there are few people who conform the law and many who do not, while in the EU the situation is opposite.

I asked my friend, inspector on the picture, for advices for our readers. Here they are:
1) Before opening the car check that it is your car (woman confused her Ford car with Nissan and went from parking).
2) Check that you are not intoxicated. If you see kangaroo instead of bear, there is something wrong. Use taxi. Also you can rotate to the right, jump two times, close your eyes and try to show your nose. Some even can show a star on the sky, although usually in the day and usually the Sun.
Caution! Only for Australians! It is normal to see kangaroo or koala instead of bear.
3) Put on your safety belt!
4) Do not speak on your mobile while driving. It is not convenient. Sometimes you need to hold the wheel and show f***/farewell sign.

Good luck on the roads!

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