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GOP stop

This story is about Russian phrase "ГОПники" (gopniki). Today "ГОПник" is one of the most widespread word in the informal Russian language and it means persons, who listen music about hard life, like sunflower seeds, and earn money by robbing. Usually robbery is going in the late night and they rob mobiles and off course money.

It is fascinating that the word "ГОП" initially was meaning "Государственое Общежитие Пролетариата" (State Dormitory of the Proletariat), and this proud name was of the former hotel in city Saint-Petersburg, which was transformed to dormitory by the Soviet for the proletariat workers. However, there started living hooligans and gangsters, people called them gopniki because of the place. Today the hotel is working and has historical name "Hotel Oktiabrskaya", you can go to the page of the official hotel site and be afraid, there is no information about revolutionary period and history of GOP, however staff mention this "Glorious history of our hotel keeps traditions of famous Russian hospitality".

Back to our today gopniks. Everyday purpose for these persons is to find somebody for fighting. The further gopniks from city, the harder they are.

Consider a usual situation in a disco-club in a village. Two gopniks go to the dancing guy and one of them say:
- Hey, look at that girl, she is my.
- Ok, why I should care about it?
- What? Not give a fuck?
And instantly after that gopniks start kick his ass.

And now fashion time, close your eyes, Bruno's admirers. Usually they wear sport shoes, sport trousers, leather jackets and caps.

One of the popular video was made in GOP-style by Syava the rapper and clip below brought him renown all over the country.

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