среда, 5 августа 2009 г.

Bears in Russia

Many people are interested about Russia and ask questions: How do Russians live with bears? Do bears like vodka? What is the difference between brown bear and white bear?

Read the answers below.

At first, Russians live with bears. Bears work in diverse areas and help people.
For instance, you can find white bears performing in circuses. As you know white bears are beared in the North Pole, so they can go skating.

Denisenko, circus performer, said:
- When they see skates, they instantly seat down on a bench and reach out paws.

Scientists suggest that in the near future bears will play hockey. Be aware, Canada! Moreover, they opened hockey championship in Latvia.

Do bears like vodka? Yes, they do!

The main difference between brown bear and white bear is ... no, not colour of skin, awful racist, white bears have black skin, but colour of hair.

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