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Russian treasury of the Art, Ivan Aivazovsky

Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900) - the Russian painter with the Armenian roots. The most renown painter of the seascapes in Russia. Aivazovsky created paintings being excited of seas in Europe, in the Crimea and, at the end of his life, in America. The number of his works is nearly 6000.

The painting above is called "The Ninth Wave" (Девятый вал). It was painted in 1850, while had been being a rumour about the heaviest wave, which has number nine. There depicted four men trying to survive after the night storm. Folks are fighting for their life while the severest wave is coming, the name of this picture says about impending death and the colours gives hope to survive.

Rainbow (Радуга), 1865

Decant at Subashi (Десант у Субаши), 1839

Columbus Sailing from Palos (Отплытие Колумба из Палоса), 1892

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