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Russian treasury of the Music, Petr Tchaykovsky

Petr Tchaykovsky (1840-1893) - the Russian composer, conductor, teacher and musical public figure. For Russians his most popular work is the ballet "Swan Lake":

and also very famous his pas de deux part in the Nutcracker ballet:

Russian Large Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Konstantin Krimec

However throughout the world he is famous for this tiny part of his vast creativity "Sugar Plum Fairy":

Familiar sounds? Yes, it is Christmas sounds.

There has been being a rumour about his homosexuality, which is never given a rest by many people in Russia, the discussions are made with great energy. Anyway, Tchaykovsky is a brilliant spot in world culture, no more words, only music:

Nutcracker suit part 2 by the conductor Seigi Osawa

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