воскресенье, 9 августа 2009 г.

Tricks of the speeches and looking good

Initially concern a notable question - how you look, if you are a President you get best suit, best make up, tidy haircut, however, you can not change the height of your body in the way you want.
Vladimir Putin is 170 cm, Nicolas Sarkozy is 168 cm (a rumour), Dmitry Medvedev is 158 cm in height. It is not prestige to be on photos for them with, for instance, Barack Obama, who is 187 cm in height. What is the way out of this situation? The first way is to take a photo from the below point, so with right angle the difference will not be great:
The second is to stand up on a stool, although it looks funny:

or merely sit down:
Next significant issue is what you say. All know about funny Bush's speech. Regardless good hard disk in a head nobody can remember long speeches, especially when its are quite different. People resolve this problem with a teleprompter, you can read texts even without understanding the stuff on a transparent screen:
P.S. Russian president defence agency is confident that nobody should know about president's children, if you find any photos of Putin's daughters or Medvedev's son, than you are lucky man. What are they frightened? Anybody could find fresh photos of Sarkozy's children, even with Putin, and all know how Obama are opened in this issue.

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