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Soviet posters

Soviet posters were everywhere, large, small, huge, different in size with general purpose - to cultivate "right" people.

Every person must go in for sport.

"Go in for water sports!"
"Go in for water sports!"
"Everyman, go in for sports!"

"Youth - to the stadiums!"

And now fields. Кулак (kulak) - rich peasant.
(Poster against reach peasants: usual peasants, work! )

"Collective farmer, protect your fields from enemies-thieves and slackers, that plundering social harvest"

"Grow everyone!"

"Party said: need. Komsomol answered: all right! To the fields, to the building work!"

"Hybrid seeds - guarantee for good harvest of corn!"
(Happiness for geneticist.)

"Field's works do not wait!"

"Increase hemp's production! Follow of the example famous hemp grower Alexandr Hrapunkov!"
"Go, comrade, to us in collective farm! "

Love to money and love to imperialists overstepped all limits.
Буржуй - rich man (used for foreign capitalists).


(The meaning is the rouble is good, burzhuy say buy-buy to your money. However that was happened back in 1991 with soviet rouble.)
"Death to world imperialism"

"With capitalism... with socialism!"

"Do not chat!"

"A chatter is a windfall for the enemy!"

(The meaning is the workers and the peasants are killing capital, while the workers and the peasants are dead under foot of capital .)

"The same years, while different "weathers".
(Crisis, something that will be soon on the contrary

"Give to the country winning harvest!"

(1951-1955 the number of the schools is increased to 70% in the USSR while in the USA 1% of the expense is to people education and 74% to the military)
"Capitalists from all countries, connect!"

"Got a salary as worked"

"Economize water!"
"In sberkassa(in national bank) saved money, bought sanatorium voucher"


"Was drunk, abused, brake sapling - it is a shame to look at faces to people! SHAME!"
("brake sapling" after drink is astonishing phrase.)
"Every child is our child. Do not permit to smoke for children!"
"Overcome drinking!"

"Go to bathhouse after a work"

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